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Die WELL PLUS TRADE GmbH ist seit mehr als 20 Jahren im Lebensmitteleinzelhandel und bei führenden Drogeriefachhändlern dauerhaft vertreten. Unser Vertriebsteam steht in täglichem Kontakt, national, regional und gemeinsam mit Partnern in der Fläche. Wir verstehen uns als erfahrenen Vertriebspartner für internationale Marken im Bereich. As Well PLUS TRADE GmbH, we are committed to rethinking the environmental impact of our daily activities and to respecting our responsibility to protect the environment. We ensure that renewable raw materials are used primarily and work together with our suppliers to extend these sustainability goals. For us, the priority is to ensure quality. WPT has been selling nationally for 20 years to the LEH and to drugstores. Our WELL PLUS TRADE sales team is in daily contact, nationally, regionally and together with agency partners in the area. Our special competence lies in the field of conscious nutrition, offering? Especially alternatives to conventional convenience products. WELL PLUS TRADE GmbH • Borsteler Chaussee 47 • D – Hamburg • Telefon: / 50 79 64 – 0 Telefax: / 50 79 64 64 • [email protected] • heathmagic.de

First of all, it doesn’t matter what you call it. Future Welding, Next level Welding And who is it really about? The only thing that matters is that YOU get something out of it. So, why Smart? Is it only about cleverness in product details? Or is it about well considered solutions? Perhaps you are also thinking of people who you personally find smart. At Lorch, smart means: Being close to you, understanding you and your requirements.

Developing the highest quality, for practical use. Quick to use and intuitive to operate for consistently high-quality welding results.

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Aktie deutsche lufthansa

Industrial clutches , brakes , power take-offs , hydraulic pump drives and winches compose the core of our product lines. As one of the leading power transmission equipment manufacturers, our products are reliable and made from premium materials. WPT has become a global leader in the industry providing heavy-duty pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical and spring set controlled industrial clutch and brake products.

Our engineering group offers successful solutions, whether a standard application or custom build. Contact WPT Power or call for the products and information you need to get the job done. About Us. Market Sectors. Industrial Clutches. Industrial Brakes. Engine Driven Products. Winches and Hoists.

wpt well plus trade gmbh

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For over 20 years we have been a strong partner for private label customers, trading partners and suppliers. Our services range from concept and product development to food legal advice, the creation of marketing concepts and sales for your products. Our promise is always an uncompromising quality at a fair price. Our young, dynamic team always has in mind: simply conscious nutrition – with our brand Power System, for our private label partners and for international brands.

Since , we have successfully developed and implemented customized and customer-oriented product concepts and packaging solutions for our private label customers. Our in-house team in the research and development department consists of experienced food technologists, chemists and nutritionists. Each of our experts has in-depth expertise and specialized expertise in relevant topics.

We are committed to trends in the sports and nutrition sector and are engaged in innovative raw materials. In cooperation with us, you benefit from our broad specialist and industry knowledge, because if necessary, we support you from the very beginning in order to implement your idea quickly and successfully. Our sales team has a well-founded market knowledge in the field of sports nutrition and lives for strong brands in the consumer goods industry.

Based on established data sources and facts, we analyze markets, sales channels and market potential – also for new categories and markets. From concept development and evaluation to distribution in the classic LEH, drugstores and bio-trade, we are experienced and professionally positioned.

wpt well plus trade gmbh

Wie lange dauert eine überweisung von der sparkasse zur postbank

Our vision is to digitise the global commodities trading industry, creating a secure, trusted ecosystem, powered by blockchain, smart contracts and machine learning. We focus on contracts, all aspects of logistics, invoicing data and settlements. Any party involved in the process of physical commodity trading stands to benefit from processes which are quicker, more accurate and more secure.

Our goal is to help physical commodity markets become seamless and low-cost by bringing together all stakeholders on a single platform that is efficient, tamper-proof and clear. Our goal is to make the market more efficient by bringing together all stakeholders in a single system that is well-designed, tamper-proof and adapted to commodity operators. Unlike other solutions focused on a narrow piece of the deal lifecycle, VAKT aims to transform the full post-trade lifecycle, becoming the single source of truth for the trading parties and the ecosystem participants: terminals, surveyors, agents, ship owners, brokers, banks, etc.

Immediate mutual agreement on the commercial details of the trade in an immutable fashion will eliminate the need for constant reconciliation during the lifecycle and prevent discrepancies at the point of invoicing. Digital nominations to trading parties, surveyors and terminals with actualised figures and timestamps will bring more transparency, security and efficiency to the operational tasks associated with logistics.

VAKT will allow for the components of invoicing data to be agreed on the platform without the need for costly reconciliation of discrepancies and disputes. Dates, quantities, specifications and escalators will be centrally available. Blockchain technology is a radically different approach to creating, maintaining and sharing data records.

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Need to know how to enable it? Go here. Using TradingLite’s Heatmap, you quickly grasp which price levels are trusted by the market. Read liquidity like a map, and locate better trading opportunities. Performance and stability is taken very seriously. TradingLite is built from ground up to deliver the best experience during those critical moments of high volatility in the markets. Unleash the full potential of our platform using TradingLite’s advanced scripting language LitScript.

Some indicators require a developer’s touch to make them fast, optimized, easy-to-use and customizable. We’ve hand-crafted what our users have requested and integrated directly into the core of TradingLite. TradingLite gives you all the necessary data to push your trading game to the next level. TradingLite is fully web-based and supports all modern browsers, incl.

This gives complete freedom to seamlessly work across your different devices. We’re constantly adding new features, fixing bugs, thinking of ways to improve our users‘ experience.

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We develop and market own and third-party brands contributing to conscious nutrition – in Germany and Europe. From the product idea to packaging development: we deliver individual solutions – professionally and in a short time. With our brand Power System we are market leader in Germany and Austria. We are a leading supplier of protein-based sports nutrition, functional food, diet products as well as for food supplements in Germany and Austria.

As a system provider for conscious nutrition, we have many years of expertise in a strongly growing and very dynamic market environment: the consumer health market is growing at double-digit rates. This coincidences with a strong, continuous need for innovative concepts and solutions in protein-based sports nutrition and health products.

The market entry is attractive and at the same time very complex. We develop and market our own and foreign brands in the area of conscious nutrition – nationally, in Germany and across Europe. We are a system provider for conscious nutrition and have been developing customized protein bars, protein powders, meal replacement products and food supplements as private label products for 20 years. We draw on a deep understanding of the market and of consumers, a broad network of contract manufacturers and our in-house development department with specialists in the field of food law, product development, format and recipe development and as well as correct labelling.

Germany is one of the strongest markets in Europe and therefore particularly attractive – also for foreign competitors. However, access to the German market is considered difficult, as there are only a few retailers and you have to work both at a national level and in the field. WELL PLUS TRADE GmbH has been permanently represented in the food retail and at leading drugstore retailers for 20 years.

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Ihr Unternehmen? Toller Zusammenhalt, extrem viele Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten, tolles Arbeitsklima, vielfältige Aufgaben. Die „Du-Kultur“ führt zu einem tollen Gemeinschaftsgefühl. Auf den Fluren wird gelacht und es herrscht eine entspannte Atmosphäre. Man erhält die nötigen und relevanten Informationen, um seine Tätigkeiten ausführen zu können. Einige Entscheidungsprozesse könnten kürzer und nachhaltiger gestaltet werden.

Offene und hilfsbereite Kollegen durch alle Abteilungen hinweg. Insgesamt eine coole und bunte Truppe. Es gibt Arbeitsphasen bei der WPT, da gibt es viel zu tun und Mehrarbeit steht auf der Tagesordnung. Jedoch ist es auch jederzeit möglich gewesen kurzfristig Urlaub zu bekommen oder im Homeoffice zu arbeiten. Tolles, Respektvolles Miteinander. Man steht vor vielen Aufgabenfeldern und kann sich individuell einbringen.

Nach dem Motto: „Wenn du Intersse und Lust drauf hast, pack es an!

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WELL PLUS TRADE, based in Hamburg, Germany, is an enterprise focused on the development, marketing and distribution of products to boost fitness and dieting. Its objective in marketing the WPT products under its “Power System” and “Slim System”, as well as various private label brands, is to help consumers achieve their individual sport and health-related goals. 13/2/ · Frankfurt, February 13, HQ Equita announced today that it has acquired a majority stake in WELL PLUS TRADE GmbH (WPT). WPT’s former managing partners will retain a minority ownership stake in the company and continue their operational positions as executives. Financial terms were not disclosed. WPT, established in and headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, .

Frankfurt, February 13, HQ Equita announced today that it has acquired a majority stake in WELL PLUS TRADE GmbH WPT. Financial terms were not disclosed. WPT, established in and headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, specializes in the development and the distribution of protein-based sports nutrition and weight management products. The company is the market leader in the sports nutrition segment in the German retail market. Since , WPT has boosted its sales by an average of 15 percent per annum.

The company serves both the retail market as well as specialized sales channels. Protein-based sports nutrition has become the largest and fastest growing sports nutrition segment in the German-speaking retail markets. Germany has substantial catch-up potential compared to markets such as the US, UK and Scandinavia. WELL PLUS TRADE, based in Hamburg, Germany, is an enterprise focused on the development, marketing and distribution of products to boost fitness and dieting.

To do so, WPT has developed specially designed product concepts to ensure optimum results.

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