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Success At Your First Trade Show: 19 Tips for First-Time. 26/02/ · One of the top trade show tips for exhibitors is to know who will be around you and close by on the trade show floor during the event. Some businesses will rent several spaces and create one extensive exhibit, and this can be distracting or a benefit depending on your point of view and your preferences. Know who will be on every side of you. 06/06/ · 2) Act as a guide. This might be the best networking tip of them all. Though you are not an employee of the conference it may behoove you to try and match the knowledge of their staff. Reason being, if you’re able to have a solid understanding of locations and schedules you can act as a guide for those attending the conference. 01/02/ · Trade Show Tips For Exhibitors 1. Pre-Show Marketing A lot of the magic behind successful events happens pre-show. Use social media and standard media to get the word out. Cash in on the buzz created by other exhibitors and turn the show into a major sales event for your business. 2.

We hope you had a chance to read our previous exhibitor tips on what to do for a successful trade show or event. Talking in a small closed off circle with your fellow employees or taking long phone calls makes other trade show attendees think:. Do NOT arrive late — or leave the show early Your company spends a lot of money for you to exhibit at a trade show and you want to get the most out of it that you can.

Set-up time before the start of the show is the perfect time to not only make sure that your booth is set correctly, but also allows you to walk the show floor, see what your competitors are doing, and talk to other people who are there early, who may be interested in your product or brand. Staying after the event ends has similar advantages. You can talk to others who stayed late, without as many distractions.

Talk to other exhibitors about how they think the show went. You can also teach them about your company and even bring up the idea of your two companies working together! And for smaller shows, you may need only one or two. Only send Sr.

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Here are 10 simple — but effective — tips every exhibitor can use. Take the time to identify your perfect prospect for your product or service at each show. Select the most appropriate solutions to present in your exhibit to your target audience. Focus on these reasons when making your strategic and spending decisions.

Establish realistic goals based on your target market as a percentage of anticipated show attendance, the number of exhibiting hours, exhibit size, staffing and budget. New products are attendee magnets! If you have a large product line, display only a pertinent sample. Trade show attendees want to interactively experience your product or service in your exhibit, not just walk through or past it. Keep your exhibit open and inviting.

Use color, light and movement to attract attendees. Be proactive in inviting your most-wanted list of qualified attendees to stop by. Industry studies have shown that an exhibitor can double the number of qualified leads at a show with effective pre-show and at-show promotional campaigns. Trade shows are a different model of sales opportunity with unique challenges. Double your qualified leads by allocating a few percent of your overall budget for professional exhibit staff training.

trade show tips for exhibitors

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Bringing your business to a trade show can be very advantageous. Exhibitors have the chance to get their brand in front of their target audience, though some simple mistakes can stop that from happening. These trade show tips for first-time exhibitors can help you avoid making any simple slipups at an event. There are many reasons to invest in a trade show booth. That way, you can create a specific strategy ahead of time, maximizing your chances of success.

Instead of choosing a random spot on the trade show floor, remember how impactful your location can be to your success during the event. Specifically, you want to consider the potential foot traffic in your area. Think about hotspots close to your booth, such as the entrance and other businesses that have a significant chance of captivating passersby.

Through each step, consider whether your target audience would gravitate toward certain imagery. There are various useful design methods for trade show booths , all of which can help you stand out before guests even approach you. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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trade show tips for exhibitors

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To say that the trade show industry has been hit hard by the Covid crisis would be an understatement. Tens of thousands of companies rely on trade shows to make a big splash by introducing new products, expanding their brand, and increasing sales. For a minute. The companies that survive will climb out of the funk, pivot, and find new ways to stay in front of their customers. The worse thing that trade show exhibitors and all event professionals can do is let paralysis take over.

Staying proactive and productive during this uncertainty is absolutely what is required. You may be asking, what do we do now? Email campaigns are fine, but consider reaching out to your key customers via a phone call or video chat for the personal touch. Ask them how you can best serve them during this time. Think of creative ways to remain in touch such as a stay-at-home gift box to special customers.

Now is not the time for the hard sell. Rather, listen to your customers about their fears and needs. When the worst has passed, they will remember those who were good corporate citizens.

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You put on custom exhibits at trade shows, because you want your brand to get noticed. But, most of all, you want your product to sell. Nothing is worse than spending good money on a trade show exhibit that no one visits. You invested a lot in these events. Custom trade show exhibits work for your best with a focused approach. Keep reading to learn 5 tips that will help you increase trade show engagement at your next event.

The key here is to focus on a single aspect of your business. Choosing an item you wish to promote, or an exciting innovation will draw people to your exhibit. Whatever you choose to promote, make realistic expectations for measuring your result. When you have a target in mind, you know your needs better when you get help with trade show exhibits.

Trade show exhibit professionals will build a winning design with your goal in mind. Budgeting for custom trade show exhibits rentals benefits from a clear approach. Funds used with purpose frees up room for enhancement of other expenses.

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Use Promo Code: AUGUST Stickers Magnets Labels Decals. Stickers Magnets Labels Decals Social Distancing Decals My Account Change to Canada store. Trade Show Tips For Exhibitors Written by: Robert Lalonde Published: 01 February, Many deals are done at trade shows every year. And, while we know the big booths have the edge, there are many strategies small business owners can use to get better results. Pre-Show Marketing A lot of the magic behind successful events happens pre-show.

Use social media and standard media to get the word out. Cash in on the buzz created by other exhibitors and turn the show into a major sales event for your business. The Best Location You Can Afford Get the best booth location you can afford. You need to do this early because prime locations sell out fast. In fact, you may need to look one or two years down the road to get one of the better spots.

An Early Start Businesses who prepare for a trade show early tend to have the most success. Get an early start on designing and building your booth. Who is going to deliver and install it?

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Samuel J. Smith, the founder of SocialPoint , is a thought leader, researcher, speaker and award winning innovator on event technology. Exhibiting at trade shows — how hard can it be? You just show up and talk to people, right? Actually, exhibiting is surprisingly harder than it looks. That said, trade shows still remain very popular and even keep growing because they can produce great results when done right.

Know what your goals are for exhibiting. Everything you do at trade shows should support your main sales and marketing goal. Discover or decide if your trade show goals are most likely to boost brand awareness, generate sales leads or strengthen key relationships, or something else good advice, even if you are not a first-time trade show exhibitor. Design your trade show exhibit to achieve your goals. See how important knowing your goals are?

Now you can design your booth to support your sales and marketing goals. Design big branding structures and graphics for building awareness, lots of workstations for sales leads and meeting spaces for strengthening reseller, prospect and client relationships.

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Tips for trade show exhibitors. by Peter Symonds. Beloved by sales departments the world over, trade shows are an excellent platform for marketing your business. From exhibition signage design to simple deal-making tips, read on to learn six immutable tips for successfully exhibiting at a trade show. 5. Refresh Exhibit Properties. Exhibitors, now is the perfect time to make sure your properties are repaired, updated, and generally shined up. You may even take the time to dream up new designs for the wow factor when trade shows resume. Work with your exhibit house or warehouse manager to make sure your booth is up to snuff.

In fact, being a new trade show exhibitor means you are open to all the innovative and exciting ways to make your exhibit booth shine. As a trade show exhibitor, one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is not giving yourself plenty of time to plan and prepare before the event start date. On average, you should spend between 12 months and 18 months getting ready to exhibit at an event, and this will help you make sure that everything is covered and your exhibit is a success.

Before you start setting up exhibit booths, you should prepare your staff properly. Come up with several questions that will engage your traffic, and make sure any show staff knows the questions and answers. These questions should be open ended and stimulating. Set goals for the trade show that can be measured and analyzed.

This will help you evaluate which elements were successful and which elements should be changed up so that you get better results in the future. If you do not measure the right metrics then you cannot determine which factors should be changed. As a trade show exhibitor you want to attract visitors, generate leads, improve your brand and product recognition, and boost sales.

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