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Step 2: now you’ve clicked trade, and up pops your own list of cards. Here is where you pick what cards you’d like to offer them in a trade. Once you’ve added what you want to the trade, then you click confirm trade. You can add a note hereto, so make sure you write in there, what cards you want in return. Once you confirm it, it’s sent and you. Star Wars Force Collection – trading site, Białystok. 3, likes · 1 talking about this. Site for trading partner in heathmagic.deers: 3K. Star Wars Force Collection – trading site, Białystok. 3, likes · 3 talking about this. Site for trading partner in game. Star Wars Force Collection Accounts – Buy Sell Trade. Buy Sell Trade Star Wars Force Collection SWFC Accounts.

When it comes to collectibles, few franchises can match up with Star Wars. Between and , Topps released five different series of Star Wars cards, each building off the last. Think poor centering, blurry images, and no autos. The Topps Star Wars 30th Anniversary set was arguably the pinnacle at the time, until the SW-themed release which continued to build on the expanded universe.

For older cards, PSA is likely to be the preferred service, while BGS will probably handle the auto cards released in later years. The majority of options to make the list will sell for at least four figures when looking at mint copies. First up on the list is the original R2-D2 card from It features an image of the little robot, against a stone backdrop.

Blue and white, it features tiny planets and stars dotted across the sides. We love the long-term value of the Artoo-Detoo Topps Star Wars The Little Droid R2-D2 3… if anyone has a PSA 10 or BGS 10 email info goldcardauctions. The card has a plain reverse, which is slightly disappointing, but the same is true for most cards from the set. Trending: Funko Pop The Office List Set.

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Star Wars: Force Collection was a digital card game developed by Konami Digital Entertainment for the iPad, iPhone , iPod Touch and Android devices. It was released on September 4 , and officially discontinued on April 23 , , following an announcement on February 21 , , of the game’s impending shutdown. Collect, build, and battle! Experience the Force in a whole new way with Star Wars: Force Collection , a card battle game for iOS and Android devices.

Collect over character cards and discover special vehicle blueprints to create the ultimate Battle Formation. Once your deck is built, challenge and defeat rivals in strategic battles, leveling up among the Jedi or Sith Orders. Adventure through quests, participate in massive in-game events, and battle bosses and other players as you fulfill your destiny.

Choose wisely; you alone determine your path to the light or dark side. Collect and strategize with your card deck, featuring characters and vehicles from Episodes I – VI. Draw from card packs to collect over Star Wars characters that may be used to aid you in battle.

star wars force collection trading

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By Maribeth Keane — December 11th, In this interview, Paul Holstein talks about collecting Star Wars cards, from finding obscure cards to completing and grading full sets. I was 10 when the movie came out and I went to the store and bought a couple of packs of Star Wars cards. But I ended up trashing all the cards I had when I was a kid, and in my collection today I have none of the cards that I had then. They all went to the garbage, but later on down the road, seven or eight years ago, in my early 30s, I started collecting them again.

I still like Star Wars and this was a little bit before the new trilogy came out. I realized that there were a lot of cards, more than when I was a kid. I tried to research how many there were, and found out, to my surprise, that the whole world loves Star Wars, not just the United States. They used different images from the movies and different formats, different sizes. A lot of the foreign cards had no numbers on them, or they had sticky backs where you would lick them and stick them into albums.

This is really cool. It just became an obsession and I started collecting more and more. So it was natural that I started scanning the images and building a website to put up the information. I consider collecting the cards the core of my hobby, but the website is a big part of it, too.

star wars force collection trading

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Log in or Sign up. App Invasion. Star Wars Force Collection Forum Discuss Star Wars Force Collection here. Thread Forum. Introductions Introduce yourself here. Discussions: Messages: 2, Latest: The VF appreciation thread. Darth Glaxus , Dec 25, General General discussion around Star Wars Force Collection. Discussions: 15, Messages: , Latest: Star Wars Force Collection Series! Revan The Legend , Apr 25,

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Explore the Star Wars galaxy and fight for your side of the Force this free-to-play card battle game. Players will take command of more than heroes, villains, and vehicles from Star Wars Episodes I-VI and embark on a series of galaxy-spanning quests in the process. Cross the Star Wars universe completing quests, fighting battles, and collecting powerful cards and upgrades.

As players progress, they will level up their cards and combat skills, while their actions determine whether they join and fight on the light or dark side of the Force. A Galaxy Battle Ranking will highlight the best players in the world, while global player events pit the light and dark sides against one another, leading to greater rewards for the dominating Force. If you attack someone at a level way lower than you, you get killed by the Death Star shooting green laser at you.

Afterwards Yoda comes and tells you: „A good lesson this is. Meant to use against the weak your power is not. Learn how to do a „proper“ and „perfect“ EVO Max evolve in the game Star Wars: Force Collection. If you win battles, you get a personal Diamond Pack Ticket guaranteed to give you a 5 Star Card. The following video shows achieving this milestone and drawing the 5 star card:.

Star Wars: Force Collection Wiki Guide. Last Edited: 21 Mar pm. Page Tools Edit Flag View History.

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The heavy-hitting prequel-era craft will join the vaunted LEGO Ultimate Collector Series with a massive, stunning new set. Designers Jens Kronvold Frederiksen and Hans Burkhard Schlömer of the LEGO Group tell StarWars. Handcrafted silicone rings feature etchings of your favorite characters to show off your fandom wherever you go. In a new release from the creators of Star Wars Insider , learn how each episode in our favorite film series came to be.

The calvary has arrived with apparel, toys, and collectibles paying homage to Clone Force 99 and much more. Plus, get details on new additions to The Vintage Collection and a helmet that allows you to jump into a simulation of the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Hoth. Designer Greg Breeding talks to StarWars. The Child, a. Grogu, Boba Fett, and a Gamorrean Fighter get fans in the spirit of the holiday.

Designer Barry Bradfield talks to StarWars. See what inspired this unique addition to the fan-favorite Meisho Movie Realization action figure line — and what collectors can expect next.

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Holiday FAQ: How to Contact Us Large Orders and Signature Requirement Cancellations Change of address Pre-Order and Split Shipments. Click here for more tips to help ensure there are no issues with your order. Hello, Guest. SHOP ALL BRANDS. FEATURED BRANDS X. VIEW SECTION NEW ARRIVALS PRE-ORDERS BLOWOUT. Sub Categories. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT. Home Star Wars Star Wars Trading Cards Star Wars Trading Cards.

Featured Products. Sort By: Featured Items Newest Items Best Selling A to Z Z to A By Review Price: Ascending Price: Descending.

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Complete List of Cards | Star Wars Force Collection Wiki. 17/03/ · Discuss Star Wars Force Collection here. Log in or Sign up. App Invasion. Forums > Games > Game Forums > Star Wars Force Collection Forum. Discuss Star Wars Force Collection here. Thread; Post all trade threads here. Discussions: 98, Messages: , Sub-Forums: 6. Trade. Sub-Forums. For Trade. Looking For. This For That. Auctions.

First off, the basics: 2 weeks and level Everyone should understand that. The next thing to understand about the way they have trades set up, is you can’t pick the cards from your trade partner that you want thrown into the deal. Instead, all you can do, is put up an offer of what cards you’re willing to trade, and you send it to them. Basically a trading block, that you list the cards you’re offering, and wait for their response.

You can have multiple trades going at the same time. YOU CAN’T CANCEL ONCE YOU’VE PUT IT OUT THERE. YOU CAN NOT USE A CARD IN A PENDING TRADE IN YOUR DECK SO BE CONSCIOUS OF THIS. Now, before you get into trying to trade, the first thing you should do, is open up your card archives. This will allow other ppl to view what cards you have. You can set it to 3 options:. Depends how open you want to make your cards, but you should change your settings to at least allies only.

Once you’ve done this, others can now see what cards you have that they might want. Another good step to utilize is your wishlist.

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