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01/07/ · A long trade is when a trader buys and sells an asset, and a short trade is where they sell an asset they have borrowed. Learn more heathmagic.deted Reading Time: 8 mins. Trading Terms: What does”Long” or “Going Long” mean? Long means buy or bought. If someone says “I’m long WXYZ stock” it means that person owns (they bought) shares in WXYZ. If someones says “I’m going long WXYZ at $14” it means they intend to buy WXYZ stock at $ In this case they don’t own it yet, but they plan heathmagic.deted Reading Time: 5 mins. A long—or a long position—refers to the purchase of an asset with the expectation it will increase in value—a bullish attitude. A long position in options contracts indicates the holder owns the. When used in trading, long refers to a position that makes profit if an asset’s market price increases. Usually used in context as ‘taking a long position’, or ‘going long’. Going long is the opposite of going short or shorting, which means taking a position that makes a profit if an asset’s market price falls.

If the Long-Term Agreement meets the eligibility standards below and Shipper agrees to match the bid having the greatest economic value, as defined in Section 7. In such event, Shipper may continue to receive service under a new Long-Term Agreement with any term Shipper chooses, at the applicable Maximum Rate or at a rate agreed to by Panhandle and Shipper. If a Shipper’s Agreement does not qualify for the right of first refusal under this Section 7.

Panhandle will then be obligated to tender the new Long-Term Agreement to Shipper within 15 days of Shipper’s notification. Long-Term Agreement means an agreement or contract having a term of more than five years but less than 50 years. Sample 1. Sample 2. Sample 3. Long-Term Agreement means a Service Agreement with a primary term of one year or more. Long-Term Agreement means a binding contractual agreement between a landowner, an eligible applicant as defined , and the Wildlife Conservation Board , whereby the landowner agrees to manage and maintain forest improvements or restoration efforts for a designated period of time.

Restoration grants are not awarded directly to a private landowner. Restoration projects must be coordinated with an eligible applicant who will receive the grant funds necessary to coordinate and implement the restoration effort.

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These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‚trade. Send us feedback. Middle English, from Middle Low German; akin to Old High German trata track, course, Old English tredan to tread. See more words from the same century. Accessed 6 Aug. English Language Learners Definition of trade Entry 2 of 2. See the full definition for trade in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

Nglish: Translation of trade for Spanish Speakers. Britannica English: Translation of trade for Arabic Speakers. Subscribe to America’s largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! Top 10 Latin Phrases. Get your pencil ready. A simple trick to keep them separate. How ‚literally‘ can mean „figuratively“.

long trade definition

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Adam Milton specializes in helping retail investors understand day trading. He is a professional financial trader in a variety of European, U. Day traders on the stock market have their own language. You’re learning, but some of the terms take time to understand and use right. If you’re unsure about the terms „long“ vs. Many new traders get confused by these two words. You initiate a long trade when you buy an asset with the expectation to sell it at a higher price in the future and make a profit.

A short trade is initiated by borrowing an asset to sell it, with the intent to repurchase it at a lower price, take a profit, and return the shares to the owner. When a day trader is in a long trade , they have purchased an asset and are waiting to sell when the price goes up. Day traders often use the terms „buy“ and „long“ interchangeably. Similarly, some trading software has a trade entry button marked „buy,“ while others have buttons marked „long.

You might hear a trader say they are „going long“ or „go long“ to indicate interest in buying a particular asset.

long trade definition

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As trade payables relate to credit purchases so credit purchases figure should be used in calculating this ratio. However as the amount of credit purchase is usually not separately available in the income statement so in that case total purchases could be used. Like other ratios, this ratio is observed over a period of time and compared with the other businesses in the same industry.

In addition, the trade payables payment period is compared with the trade receivable collection period to compare the pace of receiving and paying cash on trading activities. Usually a lengthy payment period is preferred however it may result in loss of credit worthiness which may, in turn, lead to:. Where a supplier offers a cash discount for prompt payment, the benefits of delaying payment must be weighted against the discounts foregone.

A high average credit period taken may suggest the business has very good relations with its suppliers but it usually indicate otherwise, i. It may therefore be a symptom of financial distress. Trade Payable Payment Period. Formula: Analysis and Interpretation: Usually a lengthy payment period is preferred however it may result in loss of credit worthiness which may, in turn, lead to: Withdrawal of credit in future, Delays in processing orders, Lower priority in the future and Interest charged on overdue amounts Where a supplier offers a cash discount for prompt payment, the benefits of delaying payment must be weighted against the discounts foregone.

Related Articles Trade Receivable Collection Period Cash Discounts Analysis of Financial Statement of a Business Return on Assets Methods to Evaluate the Performance and Financial Strength of a Company Advantages of Offering Cash Discounts.

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Moving average convergence divergence, or MACD, is one of the most popular tools or momentum indicators used in technical analysis. This was developed by Gerald Appel towards the end of s. This indicator is used to understand the momentum and its directional strength by calculating the difference between two time period intervals, which are a collection of historical time series. Management buyout MBO is a type of acquisition where a group led by people in the current management of a company buy out majority of the shares from existing shareholders and take control of the company.

For example, company ABC is a listed entity where the management has a 25 per cent holding while the remaining portion is floated among public shareholders. In the case of an MBO, the curren. Description: A bullish trend for a certain period of time indicates recovery of an economy. Also See: Bearish Trend, Squaring Off, Long, Inflat. Stop-loss can be defined as an advance order to sell an asset when it reaches a particular price point.

It is used to limit loss or gain in a trade. The concept can be used for short-term as well as long-term trading. The Return On Equity ratio essentially measures the rate of return that the owners of common stock of a company receive on their shareholdings.

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Understanding the basics of going long or short in forex is fundamental for all beginner traders. Taking a long or short position comes down to whether a trader thinks a currency will appreciate go up or depreciate go down , relative to another currency. Keep reading to find out more about long and short positions in forex trading and when to use them. A forex position is the amount of a currency which is owned by an individual or entity who then has exposure to the movements of the currency against other currencies.

The position can be either short or long. A forex position has three characteristics:. Traders can take positions in different currency pairs.

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A trade test is a test used to assess proficiency and skill level of an individual in any number of skilled trades. Skilled trades such as plumbing for carpentry require a unique set of knowledge and skills. This expertise separates a skilled labor from the general labor force. A trade test is an assessment of an individual and whether or not this person has achieved certain levels of knowledge within the context of a specific trade.

Depending on the trade and experience, specific requirements to sit for a trade test such as training or experiences may or may not be necessary. The individual might have to work one or more years before even being allowed to take the test. The test may involve a written act examination, a hands-on demonstration of knowledge and expertise, or both. Successful completion of the test will allow a person to receive certification of some sort.

Some skills will have additional levels of testing that will denote higher skill levels. The trade test is important when it comes to hiring decisions. Management may require skilled artisans at a given level for particular project.

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14/05/ · A long position in traditional trading is when you buy an asset in the expectation its price will rise, so you can sell it later for a profit. This is also referred to as going long or buying. Making a long trade doesn’t necessarily mean buying a physical asset. Levant Trade. At the beginning of the Renaissance, the key to long-distance trade was in the Mediterranean. Access to the Chinese and Indian markets passed through Muslim lands controlled by either Arabs or. Turks. Europeans called all of the trade that flowed from that direction the Levant trade, their term for the Middle East in general. The situation made shipments precarious, since Christians .

In the simplest of terms, free trade is the total absence of government policies restricting the import and export of goods and services. While economists have long argued that trade among nations is the key to maintaining a healthy global economy, few efforts to actually implement pure free-trade policies have ever succeeded. What exactly is free trade, and why do economists and the general public view it so differently?

Free trade is a largely theoretical policy under which governments impose absolutely no tariffs, taxes, or duties on imports, or quotas on exports. In this sense, free trade is the opposite of protectionism , a defensive trade policy intended to eliminate the possibility of foreign competition. In reality, however, governments with generally free-trade policies still impose some measures to control imports and exports.

For example, the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA , between the United States, Canada, and Mexico is one of the best-known FTAs. In , the United States along with more than other countries agreed to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade GATT , a pact that reduced tariffs and other barriers to trade between the signatory countries.

In , GATT was replaced by the World Trade Organization WTO. Despite their participation in FTAs and global trade organizations like the WTO, most governments still impose some protectionist-like trade restrictions such as tariffs and subsidies to protect local employment. Since the days of the Ancient Greeks, economists have studied and debated the theories and effects of international trade policy.

Do trade restrictions help or hurt the countries that impose them? And which trade policy, from strict protectionism to totally free trade is best for a given country? Through the years of debates over the benefits versus the costs of free trade policies to domestic industries, two predominant theories of free trade have emerged: mercantilism and comparative advantage.

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