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07/09/ · Leaf Live. Leaf is pleased to announce the introduction of its entry into the event driven, immediately available trading card category, Leaf Live! Kyler Murray – 2/11/19 Heisman Hero Chooses Gridiron Greatness Over Diamond Stardom. Card #16 – Print Run = Sony Michel – Patriots Select Michel With 31st Overall Pick In NFL Draft. Email support of redemptions is available via [email protected] Please expect delays in receiving email support. Below is a list of open redemptions and recently fulfilled redemptions: Cards for which player has not returned cards and are not yet available . 02/05/ · Leaf Trading Cards are a relative newcomer in the sports card game, entering the market in The founder is Brian Grey, the former manager of Razor Entertainment Group. That group was perhaps best known for signing Tim Beckham to an exclusive contract in 08/01/ · Grigor Dimitrov – Signs first ever trading card deal with Leaf. Card #LI – Print Run = Terrace Marshall Jr. – Declares for NFL Draft 11/29/ Card #LI – Print Run = Kyle Trask – Declares for NFL Draft. Card #LI – Print Run =

Post a Comment Please feel free to leave a comment, though it will not appear straight away, as I will need to authorize it. Pages Home About Wants Books Links Calendar Posts Updated -Old Help Contact. Saturday, 24 July Leaf Trading Cards – Leaf National Signature Series NSCC Redemption Multi-Sports. Leaf Trading Cards. The 41st National Sports Collectors Convention takes place next weekend at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois.

The exclusive Leaf National Signature Series format is a perk for those opening Leaf products by the case. In order to claim the Leaf National Signature Series box, collectors must purchase a specific sealed Leaf case at the show and open it at the Leaf booth. There are three footballers in the collection but Leaf haven’t provided images of them, so I’ve included an image they have provided.

I will replace this with football cards at the earliest opportunity. National Signature Series NSCC Redemption Multi-Sports. Leylah Fernandez – Rookie. Posted by Alan Jenkins at Email This BlogThis!

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Star Trek Leaf. Home Set Index All Sets The Original Series The Animated Series The Next Generation Deep Space 9 Voyager Discovery The Movies Mixed Series Non Star Trek Sets Tools Artist Identifier Artist Valuations Card Identifier Graded Card Values Leaf Verifier Statistics Trivia Easy Medium Hard Posts Help About Login. Star Trek Leaf This is the first Star Trek trading card set produced. It was released in a relatively small geographical area consisting of only a few mid-west states.

Soon after its release, the unsold cards were recalled and destroyed. There was a reprint of this set in and also a European reprint set which is not marked as a reprint on the back. To see a breakdown of graded card values for this set, check out the tools menu. Links to more information about Star Trek Leaf set Collectible Resource Article — The Wrapper Magazine Article — Trek Core Article — Cardboard Connection Article — jklm.

Contact Form. The Star Trek trademarks, logos, and related names are owned by CBS Studios Inc. This is the first Star Trek trading card set produced. Collectible Resource Article — The Wrapper Magazine Article — Trek Core Article — Cardboard Connection Article — jklm. Other Items.

leaf trading cards

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Website: leaftradingcards. Facebook: Leaf. Youtube: leaftradingcards. The next 60 years of Leaf brought numerous popular trading card sets including the ultra high end Leaf Baseball trading card set which helped to shape the premium card market that exists today. The current iteration of Leaf Trading Cards is the vision of former Razor Entertainment Group president, Brian Gray:.

The Leaf brand is synonymous with high quality and longevity, pre-dating any current manufacturer. My vision is to produce the highest quality cards with an irresistible value, while maintaining a long-term commitment to improving this industry. The mission of Leaf Trading Cards is to deliver an exceptional trading card experience. The only way to gain new collectors and retain loyal customers is to deliver the best possible content at the best possible value, which was a clear objective of Mr.

Gray during his previous tenure at Razor Entertainment Group. To maintain continuity with this vision, Leaf Trading Cards has acquired all non-baseball brands of the Razor Entertainment Group, which are some of the most exciting and collectibles brands in the marketplace today.

leaf trading cards

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Detractors like to call Leaf and other non-licensed cards worthless. They are not. They are just worth less. It is clever wordplay like that, which keeps you coming back to Cardlines. Leaf Trading Cards are a relative newcomer in the sports card game, entering the market in The founder is Brian Grey, the former manager of Razor Entertainment Group.

That group was perhaps best known for signing Tim Beckham to an exclusive contract in However, their heavy investment in the 1 Baseball America high school prospect for did not exactly pan out hey, every collector has been there. In , Grey bought the rights to the Leaf brand name. Several companies had sold cards under that name in the past.

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Cards The PriceGuide. Cards trading card database has prices achieved from actual card sales, not estimates. The aim is to provide factual information from the marketplace to help collectors. New feature: manage your own Portfolio Read More! FREE SERVICE Launch Portfolio. Open in app. Cards Sports Card Price Guide – prices from actual card sales The PriceGuide. Organise your card collection FREE with our online Portfolio tool!

leaf trading cards

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Rating: 7. Frank Thomas Frank Thomas Jumbo Gold Leaf All-Stars Gold Leaf All-Stars Update Gold Leaf Rookies Gold Leaf Rookies Jumbo Gold Leaf Rookies Update Gold Leaf Rookies Update Jumbo. Wax: 36 packs per box, 14 cards per pack. Jumbo: 24 packs per box, 20 cards per pack. Series One and Two only. Magazine: Series One and Two only.

Jun 8, – PM SwiftMann I really love the design of this set and actually like the backs even more. Unfortunately the photography is underwhelming with repetitive, generic poses. Also, the inserts aren’t that great and they pretty much missed on the entire Gold Rookie set except Chipper. I just broke a box of Series 2 today which was fun even though some gloss sticking happened. The truly frustratingly thing is, despite cards in the box and only cards in the series, I came up 26 cards short of completing the series.

But I got 8 Mike Felders. This set is probably only second to Upper Deck among my favorite baseball sets of the s. I really LOVE the city skylines on the backs.

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Home » Leaf Trading Cards. The set is included as a bonus for customers that purchase and open boxes at the National Sports Card Convention, which is being held the weekend of July 28th in Chicago. The set includes several different color versions, all of […]. Pro Set has become synonymous with the over production and low quality of the early s era, but Leaf is attempting to breath new life into the long dead brand. The release is being billed […].

The release is available in both hobby box and value pack formats, with the hobby format offering 5 autographs, 1 of which is graded BGS 9. The release includes several insert sets, as well as […]. As an all autograph set Flash Football gets straight to the point, offering fans an early opportunity to grab autos of the next top stars.

Hobby boxes offer 5 autos each, and there are a variety of parallels […]. The event acts as prime opportunity for players to be seen by college and professional scouts. Leaf provides collectors with a selection of cards dedicated to these players by offering an all autograph set common base are an […]. Hobby […]. The brand offers a variety of autographed sets, some of which have a flashback theme, looking at designs from the early s.

As is often the case with Leaf products, all cards in the set […].

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Leaf Trading Cards, founded in , is a private company that produces trading cards and sports collectibles. Based in Dallas, Texas, it was best known as a producer of sports cards and other lithographic products. The sports range covered by Leaf include American football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, Professional wrestling and tennis. PRO SET SPENCER RATTLER „ARC“ AMATEUR ROOKIE CARD (PRINT TO ORDER) We are pleased to announce the first ever officially player licensed NIL rookie card!!!! SPENCER RATTLER is widely considered one of the best prospects in college today! As a potential future #1 pick in the NFL draft, collectors and fans al.

It is maintained via crowdsourcing with the goal of having a shared resource that not only preserves the hobby and its history, but also benefits collectors across the globe. Login or register to interact and track your collection or click here to start browsing. Set: Upper Deck – Silver Foil Board. Card: 48 Matt Duchene. Continue the conversation Wilmer Flores Baseball Atsuya Furuta Baseball Bob Horner Baseball David Robinson Basketball Kareem Hunt Football.

Bobby Eaton – J. Richard – Yusuke Kinoshita – Toni Saarinen – Hideki Hosaka – Rank Member Score 1. Dave Sosidka , 3.

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