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Journal of International Trade Law and Policy (JITLP) is an international journal receptive, but not limited, to the methods of economics, law, and the social sciences. As scholars tend to read individual articles of particular interest to them, rather than an entire issue, authors are not required to write with full accessibility to readers. Journal of International Trade Law and Policy. Issue (s) available: 48 – From Volume: 1 Issue: 1, to Volume: 20 Issue: 2. Subjects. The Journal of International Trade Law and Policy is a peer reviewed interdisciplinary journal with a focus upon the nexus of international economic policy and international economic law. It is receptive, but not limited, to the methods of economics, law, and the social sciences. As scholars tend to read individual articles of particular. The Journal of International Trade Law and Policy (JITLP) is a peer reviewed interdisciplinary journal which seeks articles from any jurisdiction on the broad theme of international trade. Entering its 12th year of publication, the aim of the journal is to provide a forum for current issues in all aspects of international trade, including legal.

Gregory Messenger, The World Trade Organization: Law, Practice, and Policy. By Mitsuo Matsushita, Thomas J. Schoenbaum, Petros C. This year, the World Trade Organization WTO turned As it enters its adult life, so have studies of its institutions and law similarly matured. In the early days, when the institution was a mere infant, it drew attention from a wide range of commentators and specialists.

Two streams, in particular, were evident: the attention of trade lawyers trained in the nuances of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade GATT , and the attention of other public international lawyers who had hitherto not paid great attention to trade law as part of international law. For trade lawyers, the focus was on the consolidation of materials and clear analysis of the texts, identifying expectations of how key terms or areas of debate would develop—informed by prior GATT case law and involvement in and observation of the prior negotiating Most users should sign in with their email address.

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Subscription price CiteScore 0. It includes thought-provoking contributions on how public international law obligations inform national approaches in a wide range of sectors, as well as on how the state’s experiences contribute to shaping and advancing the international agenda. IJPLAP features articles, editorials, notes, commentaries, analyses of jurisprudence and legislation and book reviews written by leading scholars and practitioners working in law and related fields, such as economics, philosophy and political science.

IJPLAP ’s main objective is to be the leading forum for information and critical discussion from a variety of international perspectives in the constantly evolving area of law and government. The world is changing fast and governments are facing many public policy challenges, legal issues of public interest and public policy relating to the many political, economic and social issues, in an open and uncensored intellectual discussion.

A major factor is the transition to the online world. This is reshaping public law and needs to scrutinised from a broad range of perspectives and disciplines as outlined below. IJPLAP aims to publish critical works of the highest quality exploring leading issues in depth. It seeks to promotes awareness, knowledge and discussion on matters of public law and examines global trends that carry public policy implications.

It is committed to facilitating critical and creative thinking and to exploring new directions and perspectives. IJPLAP readership includes academics, practitioners, judges, legislators and policy-makers around the world. It is essential reading for academics and practitioners who need to stay abreast of recent developments in public law and cutting edge public policy issues. IJPLAP encourages the submission of original papers, case studies, commentaries, review articles and scholarly articles exploring leading issues from lawyers and social scientists worldwide.

Can we embed human rights in our economic recovery after the COVID pandemic?

journal of international trade law and policy

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Thanks for helping us catch any problems with articles on DeepDyve. We’ll do our best to fix them. Check all that apply – Please note that only the first page is available if you have not selected a reading option after clicking „Read Article“. Include any more information that will help us locate the issue and fix it faster for you. Purpose — The purpose of this paper is to investigate the trends of antidumping actions targeting East Asia and to examine the macroeconomic determinants of European Union EU antidumping actions against East Asian countries including China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Findings — The empirical estimation results suggest that the macroeconomic determinants exchange rates, GDP growth, and unemployment rates significantly affect antidumping initiations against a particular country in a particular year; in addition, the changing competitive structure and environment in international trade play a role in prompting antidumping actions, and the countries which are larger sources of EU imports are more likely to be hit with antidumping actions.

It also finds that the changing competitive structure and environment in international trade prompt antidumping actions. Journal of International Trade Law and Policy — Emerald Publishing. Keywords: European Union; Dumping; Macroeconomics; China; Japan; South East Asia. Continue with Facebook. Sign up with Google. Log in with Microsoft.

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journal of international trade law and policy

Wie lange dauert eine überweisung von der sparkasse zur postbank

As a matter of policy the author will not receive the edited write up or reviewer’s feedback before or after the publication, if the recommendation is for no revision or minor revision. Under no circumstances the name of the reviewer will be revealed. However, reviewer’s feedback may be shown to the author without revealing the name of reviewer, if the recommendation is for major revision or rejection of the write up, provided the author requests for the document.

Every volume of the Journal will be consisting of the following three segments, however, some issues may not come in this format if the Editorial Committee so decides:. The Review uses only footnotes and not end-notes as a method of citation. Submissions must conform to the IJLPR system of citation.

For general guideline regarding citation style one can refer to relevant pdf page click here. Editorial Committee strongly recommends electronic submissions only. Please submit the paper to ijlpr nujs. All submissions should contain the name of the author, professional information, the title of the manuscript, and contact information.

The article must contain an abstract not more than words consisting of at-least three key words bearing relevance to the main article. The following Compliance must be observed before sending the manuscript:.

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The date is June 4th, Several hundred kilometers above the surface of earth, a two-ton spacecraft approaches a defunct satellite previously operated by the. Sustainable Development Goal 5 — Achieve Gender Equality and Empower All Women and Girls — evokes an aspiration cherished by so many for so long. Gaps in animal law, both state and federal, have led to decreasing animal welfare in a globalized society.

Animal welfare is increasingly threatened by international. This text assesses global governance and international cooperation in the fight against the COVID pandemic considering deglobalization. Issues with the functioning of global governance have. The purpose of international labor law at the beginning of the twentieth century and a motivating influence behind the formation of the International Labor Organization.

As the pace of vaccinations slows in the U. The exploitation of grey areas in international law created floating prisons, black-sites, and the potential for and the probability of grave human rights violations.

journal of international trade law and policy

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International Journal of Trade and Policy ISSN; DOI International Journal of Trade and Policy , Most Read Using Fuzzy Evaluation Decision Model to Assess the Operation Scheme of Taxi in Shanghai Pudong Airport In order to investigate the decision of the airport taxi driver whether to return to carry passengers, we established a fuzzy evaluation decision model based on the analytic hierarchy process, combined with the application analysis of Shanghai Pudong Airport.

Based on the selection and quantification of decision indicators, we used the AHP method to calculate the weights to eliminate indicators and optimize the indicator system. Then, a two-level fuzzy evaluation model was established, and the Bayesian discriminant verification model was more reasonable. Finally, based on the data analysis of Shanghai Pudong Airport, combined with 16 different airport decision-making situations, the model was used to obtain the no-load return trips and the membership of waiting passengers.

We compared and selected the larger membership value as the decision. After solving the above, we provide relevant basis for the decision of airport taxi drivers. International Journal of Trade and Policy , Most Read An Analysis of The Traditions of Origin of Ughoton: the Seaport of Old Benin Kingdom This paper wholistically examines the issues relating to the origin of Ughoton in the earliest times. It analyses the political anxiety, crises, conflicts misrule, anarchy which characterised the reign of Ogiso Owodo.

It assesses the circumstances surrounding the birth of Prince Ekaladerhan, and his banishment. It discusses the role of oracle in Benin traditional institutions. Finally the paper also examines how Ughoton was founded in the eleventh century. The researcher obtained data from primary and secondary sources.

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Journal of International Trade, Logistics and Law e-ISSN is a refereed, bi-annual, periodical journal containing original papers in English. Published since , all research articles in the Journal are being reviewed by at least two referees after an initial editorial screening. The views expressed in the papers are under the responsibility of authors. The editors do not necessarily agree with the views expressed in the papers. All the copyright privileges of the papers accepted for the publication belong to Journal of International Trade, Logistics and Law.

User Username Password Remember me. Journal Content Search Search Scope All Authors Title Abstract Index terms Full Text Browse By Issue By Author By Title. Keywords Aircraft, Maintenance, Costs Customer Relationship Management, Marine Management, Relationship Marketing. Digital, Financial Products and Services, Adoption, Use, Ethiopia Energy, Energy Supply, Logistics Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Fear Ethiopia Fair-Trade Certification, Coffee, Social Responsibility, Ethiopia Fair-Trade certification, Coffee, Economic Impact, Ethiopia Global Pandemic, Digital Economy, Post-Digital Ecosystem, COVID Key words: Audit performance, Internal control system, Multiple regression Tax Revenue, Ethiopia Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurial Self Efficacy, Risk-Taking Propensity, Attitudes towards Entrepreneurial Behavior, Entrepreneurial Intent.

Legal Entity, Criminal Liability, Criminal Sanctions, Criminal Code of the Republic of Kosovo, Criminal Code of the Republic of Albania Microfinance institutions Oil and Gas Industry, Pipeline Construction, Pipeline Route Selection,Yemen Region Parliamentary, Presidential, Local, Indirect, Representative Democracy Revenue Generation, Illegal Practice, Tax Audit Service Export, International Trade, Bibliometric Analysis, VOSviewer, Scientific Mapping Tax Policy, Subsidy Policy, Tobacco Control Value Innovation, Customer Value, Creating New Market Space, and Quantum Marketing interest rates lending patterns.

Information For Readers For Authors For Librarians. Current Issue.

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Conflict, international trade and President Trump’s isolationist policies. Yusuf Ayotunde Abdulkareem. This paper draws attention to President Trump’s isolationist policies and aims to show that it is reminiscent of the era of the Smoot–Hawley Tariff of the s. This. pdf ( KB). The Estey Journal of International Law and Trade Policy is a venue for the exchange of ideas pertaining to the international commercial and its legal environment. It publishes high quality scholarly research to stimulate dialogue and debate on both topics of current interest to the international community and longer-standing issues of.

This article examines the tension between global trade liberalization and the pursuit of cultural policies by national governments. It reviews the background to the discourse over trade and culture and a range of domestic cultural policy measures. Attention is also focused on the emergent issues governing the relationship between intellectual property, trade and culture, and recent disputes involving these at the WTO.

The article then analyses the pervasiveness of globalization and its impact on the way in which cultural goods and services are traded and distributed, using the new media technologies, and its effects on cultural identity. The final section of the article discusses some prospects for the treatment of trade and culture exception to trade is rejected in favour of the application of specific rules governing trade and culture.

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