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Mining & Construction Machinery. Hitachi delivers a complete line-up of mining and construction machinery. We provide wheel loaders, excavators, haul trucks, foresters, valves, and regulators to our mining partners. Our extensive experience in the mining industry acts as an enabler in delivering solutions that guarantee precision, performance, and. Made for mining and quarrying. We want you to think big when it comes to our mining and quarrying equipment. Big in terms of vast quantities of materials handled 24 hours a day, by large machines with exceptional loading capacity; and big concerning considerable savings in your running costs. Our excavators, dump trucks and wheel loaders are. 21/06/ · 56, lb. – , lb. Reduced-Tail-Swing Excavators. 17, lb. – 56, lb. Wheeled Excavators. 44, lb. – 45, lb. Mining Excavators & Shovels. , lb. – 1,, lb. Haul . Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and its consolidated subsidiary, Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd. have jointly developed “ConSite® Mine,” which helps resolve problems at mine sites by remotely monitoring mining machines on 24/7 basis through the use of IoT and AI based analysis of equipment operati.

Hitachi Construction Machinery has developed this technology to help customers and Hitachi Construction Machinery dealers predict costly maintenance issues before they occur, such as the occurrence of cracks in an excavator boom or arm by utilising machine learning and applied analysis technologies. Currently, Hitachi Construction Machinery Group is piloting the technology in Australia, Zambia and Indonesia.

The service technician supporting the customer can analyse asset health information in real time using the online dashboard. The technician can pre-order parts and schedule planned maintenance, avoiding the costs and delays of unplanned downtime from failed equipment. Wenco provides the IoT digital platform and software technology by which large-volume data are collected and displayed on a customised dashboard for each customer.

We will expand parts and service business in the mining sector and further strive to resolve global societal challenges. Loads to welded structural parts such as the boom and arm vary considerably according to how the excavator is used. Since the sensors provided as standard are utilised as opposed to strain gauge sensors which are retrofitted, welded structural parts can be monitored continuously and maintenance can be implemented at appropriate timings according to their conditions.

It can also be useful in providing advice on how to improve the operation of excavators. Applicable components will be added in the near future. The visualised information can be utilised for re-examining haul roads, dispatching of trucks or education of operators to reduce risks of accident and improve productivity. Up to now, service mechanics had to sequentially try various settings of each parameter to set an optimal tuning, which took a long period of time.

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Hitachi construction machinery can be used to perform a variety of tasks, including excavating, loading, lifting and hauling, on a wide range of job sites — large or small. We support your investment in Hitachi construction machinery by offering a variety of after-sales service solutions and excellent availability on a wide range of parts. Encompassing all of our after-sales services, it contains Global e-Service, Hitachi Extended Life Program HELP and service contracts, technical support and Hitachi Parts.

You can expect first-class after-sales service from your Hitachi dealer. They have the tools, knowledge and resources to ensure that you get the best performance from your machine. In addition to their technical expertise, they can offer you extended warranty options and service contracts, preventative maintenance advice, and assistance with parts and components.

Hitachi Parts are available for new and older models at competitive pricing. They include Hitachi Genuine Parts, remanufactured components, Performance Parts and undercarriage parts. All are manufactured to give you the same high levels of reliability, durability and quality as our machines. As a result, your equipment runs with optimum performance and ultimately achieves a higher resale value.

To get the best performance from your construction equipment, use Hitachi Genuine Oils. Support Chain. From press releases and news articles to social media and customer magazines, there are many ways you can keep yourself up-to-date with the world of Hitachi construction machinery.

hitachi mining machinery

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ABB and Hitachi Construction Machinery have signed a collaboration agreement to develop an electric rigid dump truck with a customised on-board energy storage system. The electric vehicle draws the power needed from overhead catenary while simultaneously charging the on-board energy storage system. When traveling downhill, regenerative braking allows the energy storage to recharge by converting mechanical energy into usable electrical energy — improving the overall efficiency of the vehicle.

There is growing trend within the mining industry to electrify mining machinery to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Mine operators are looking to technology leaders to drive electrification and accelerate the process. Because of the need to reduce mining costs and increase productivity at mining sites, efficient technology must be developed to contribute to the reduction of CO 2 while staying competitive and ensuring performance at the same time.

Both companies will continue with the development while looking ahead to the future. This joint development is a first collaboration following the memorandum of understanding signed by Hitachi Construction Machinery and ABB in March to accelerate the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral future in mining. The two companies will join forces to collaborate in bringing solutions to the market that will reduce greenhouse gas GHG emissions associated with heavy machinery used in mining.

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hitachi mining machinery

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Jump to navigation. Hitachi Group Corporate Information. Hitachi in the U. Within the industrial sector, Hitachi is consistently delivering superior components and services, including industrial and automation solutions, useful in manufacturing facilities. Achieve Operational Excellence in Businesses. At Hitachi, we engineer industry-leading transportation and mobility solutions by leveraging decades of knowledge and using high-quality automotive material and components.

We believe the only solution for fulfilling the growing power requirements of industries and society is through a comprehensive portfolio of sustainable energy solutions and delivering innovative high-efficiency energy systems. A strong healthcare sector is often considered an inseparable element of a developed society.

At Hitachi, we specialize in administering tailored mining and construction solutions to optimize asset productivity and drive sustainable growth across all verticals of an enterprise. Hitachi has developed a series of innovative hi-functional and advanced materials that supersede the usability and performance of traditional materials commonly used across industries. Hitachi focuses on extensive research and development, transformative technology, and systems innovation to unfold new possibilities and create new value through scientific endeavors that strengthen the connection between science and social progress.

Our comprehensive business consulting solutions help organizations make the most out of their existing assets and technology to achieve excellent operational outputs.

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Hitachi Construction Machinery is partnering with ABB to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are emitted from heavy mining machinery. The agreement is formed in the view of achieving net zero emissions from the machinery, with both companies sharing their expertise and development commercial solutions. ABB global head of mining Max Luedtke said that electrification of trucks required a working relationship between OEMs original equipment manufacturers and mining companies.

The collaboration with Hitachi is just one of the partnerships that ABB aims to develop with OEMs. This includes ABB Ability MineOptimise, which contains connected solutions that are improving energy efficiency, productivity and optimisation of expenditures of open pit and underground mines. Hitachi Construction Machinery president of mining group, senior vice president and executive officer, Sonosuke Ishii, said the collaboration would enable the two companies to more effectively work towards their shared vision for mining.

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hitachi mining machinery

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Hitachi Group Corporate Information. World class heavy equipment, machinery and services to the Mining and Quarry, Construction, Forestry and Recycling industries across Australia and New Zealand. We also provide product sales, service and parts support for mining, construction and forestry equipment, and the importation, sales and service for construction machinery and commercial vehicles.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia Pty Ltd. Using extensive experience and advanced technological capabilities we develop and manufacture a wide range of leading-edge earth moving equipment and attachments for numerous sites and tasks. With a heritage of engineering excellence that puts reliability and controllability first, HCA is dedicated to producing only utterly dependable products. Our machinery is renowned for four key benefits: low operating cost, better fuel economy, better flexibility and lower maintenance requirements.

NRW Civil and Mining are contracted to provide mining services at the Middlemount Coal Mine in Australia’s north. With an initial objective to mine 2. NRW are expanding their fleet of Hitachi excavators and dump trucks to meet demand. See how Hitachi’s product improvements and maintenance program are improving productivity for NRW.

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Hitachi Construction Machinery manufactures ultra-large hydraulic excavators and dump trucks that operate at mining sites. In addition, Hitachi also supports mining operations in a range of ways, such as by providing systems and after-services. At mining sites, which require high productivity, long production stops due to machinery failure are unacceptable. Furthermore, the roads used for transporting minerals are unpaved and frequented by service vehicles as well.

Advanced technology ensuring safety, durability, productivity and more is required of machinery operating in the harsh environment of a mine. By concentrating our hubs in Japan, we can collaborate with the research and development divisions of all the companies within the Hitachi Group and make maximum use of the various products and technologies that the Group possesses.

This system contributes in various ways, such as by improving safety and productivity at mining sites, reducing running costs, and solving labor shortages. At the same time, Hitachi Construction Machinery is also focused on its solution business, which revolves around the value chain. This solutions business is not limited to the sale of machinery, but responds to various customer needs,such as by providing and remanufacturing parts, renting machinery, and providing cost management service.

In the U. We learned this from Hitachi Construction Machinery Vice President and Executive Officer President, Mining Group Sonosuke Ishii. Digging up and moving soil has been happening since humankind first appeared on the Earth.

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Hitachi Construction Machinery advances global mining sites. Hitachi Construction Machinery manufactures ultra-large hydraulic excavators and dump trucks that operate at mining sites. In addition, Hitachi also supports mining operations in a range of ways, . In the U.S.-based company H-E Parts, which provides service solutions for machinery and equipment, became part of Hitachi Construction Machinery Group, and in the Australian company Bradken, a major manufacturer of cast parts for mining machinery, did so as well. This created a structure for boosting HCM’s solution business.

We want you to think big when it comes to our mining and quarrying equipment. Big in terms of vast quantities of materials handled 24 hours a day, by large machines with exceptional loading capacity; and big concerning considerable savings in your running costs. Our excavators, dump trucks and wheel loaders are designed to make a big impact on productivity and efficiency.

We know that maximum availability of your mining machines is vital when they are working 24 hours a day in remote locations. And in the unlikely event of an issue, ConSite sends an alarm to your local dealer, who can respond quickly to take preventative action and avoid unscheduled downtime. It produces one million tonnes of materials per annum.

The cab is spacious, there is more than enough leg room and the seat is comfortable. It only takes four passes to fill one of the trucks and the loading cycle is fast, even when emptying the bucket. DSS Group is the largest domestic producer of crushed aggregates for infrastructure projects in Poland. It produces four million tonnes of aggregates per annum.

The Moatize coal mine in Mozambique uses some of the largest Hitachi excavators in its fleet — two EX and three EX models. It is operated by Vale, the second largest metals and mining company in the world.

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